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2010: A Pace Odyssey


So, I’m a neglectful blogger. No surprises there. But, since I haven’t written here in foreverrr (imagine that being said like this and go watch The Sandlot if you never have), I figured it was time. That, and my mom is at Williams-Sonoma all day being a high-end cookware BAMF, and I can only jog, read, and edit poems for so many hours without getting antsy.

ALSO, we’re only a couple of weeks away from a whole new year. Like “A Whole New World,” but without the magic carpet. Just as uplifting, though. I’m dorkily optimistic (I literally am confused when I do not win the lottery after playing), so I’m super-duper excited about the possibilities inherent in a fresh start. But 2009 was pretty damn good. I graduated from college, worked at Poets House, helped out with the National Storytelling Festival, made new friends, hung on to old ones, always paid my rent, got a one-eyed cat, got a sweet freelancing position at Interbrand, and managed to not suck at adulthood. Pretty good, eh? I have the most wonderful boyfriend, incredible friends and family, and I live in New York City. 2009 win.

It’s important that I remind myself of these things, because I am prone to fits of anxiety that people who love me are nice enough to tolerate. I like to have all my ducks in a row, and sometimes they just won’t line up! Silly metaphorical ducks. This whole getting-bogged-down-in-ducky-details is keeping me from seeing the big picture. So, with that in mind, here’s my theme for 2010. I don’t have resolutions; I have themes.

It’s from a Katha Pollitt poem: “wondering how to write// so that what she writes/ stays written.” I love this idea, both as a call-to-action as I more directly pursue poetry, but also as a message about making an impact. I’m way too young and not nearly self-important enough to be focused on A LEGACY, but I do think that living more intentionally, with more dedication, concentration, and reflection on how my actions and choices affect my life and the people around me is a fantastic goal.

C’mon, do it with me. Wonder how what you write stays written. Keep thinking about how to be a solid person in the world. Keep thinking about how to be proud of the final draft.

Merry almost-Christmas.
Happy almost-New Year.

Onward to 2010!


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