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Dan Wallace is at it again… filling the world with joy and sunshine. And by joy and sunshine I mean amazingly punny literary cartoons. Fans of his Salmon Rushdie drawing are bound to enjoy THE EMILY BRONTESAURUS:

Eat your heart out, pun-loving lit geeks. Or wait for the EBrontesaur to nom it out for you, in a non-herbivorous moment. Anything for a novel ending, right?


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One of my longest-standing college friends, Mr. Daniel Scott Wallace, has illustrated what is perhaps the greatest literary pun of all time. C’mon. We’ve all thought it. BUT HE DREW IT. This is reason #9837454786 why Dan is a really excellent person.

I present to you… Salmon Rushdie:

Salmon Rushdie

Oh, and this is the website where he’ll be posting more Danderful cartoons and doodles. He doesn’t know this yet, but he will when he reads my post.

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