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You may not know this about Erin, but she’s going to be famous. Either that, or she’s actually a fictional character wandering in our midst. I know this because everything she says is entirely quotable and often preposterous. Someone must have scripted her. Here’s a (non sequitur) example, from a Gchat conversation just moments ago:

“however, i’m looking at a drying rack full of my delicate underthings and have realized something: i buy underwear in colors that you’d probably see while tripping on angel dust. seriously.”

As the estimable Mr. Kyle Southern would say in moments of bewilderment, “Well, there that is.”

Oh, incidentally, I started my FREAKING INCREDIBLE NEW JOB TODAY. Interbrand is a great place to be, and any day that starts with the assignment to name a department store’s tween brand is a damn good day. To add to my joy, today was our first properly cold day in NYC, so I was able to toast to my success with a delicious hot toddy at our coziest local bar, Shoolbred’s, which makes me feel even more like an old British man as I sip on my old British man drink.

In that spirit– Cheers!


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