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If I had to sum up my senior year so far in three letters, it would go something like this: AS-fuckin-B.

For the uninitiated, ASB is Alternative Spring Break.  It started at Vanderbilt and is exactly what it sounds like–sending students around the country to do service trips during a week that is typically considered a hallmark of hedonism and college-age shenanigans–and, naturally, so much more.

At the core of Vanderbilt ASB, one of the largest and best-run programs of its kind in the nation, are a dozen unusually dedicated and possibly deranged (in a good way) ASBers: the ASB executive board.  It’s an honor Emma and I can both put on our List of Things We Did in College that Kind of Ruled.

My role this year is Public Relations Co-Chair.  I can say with authority that it has been one of the hardest things I’ve done at Vanderbilt in that it’s required more sacrifice than anything I’ve taken on while at school, with the obvious return of being incredibly satisfying.

And I get to make some kickass stuff that’s going all over campus.

We made this Office-themed video for the annual Site Leader Retreat.  I shot and edited it in one night and had it up by the next morning…why I felt like that was more important than sleep, I have no idea.  Still, the montage during the opening titles makes my heart want to explode with joy.

Front of the t-shirts I designed for the year.  They look sweet on.

Front of the t-shirts I designed for the year. They look sweet on.

And the back.

And the back.

This week has been a blur of scheduling PR events, getting ready for the retreat, running around campus hustling Participant Applications to unsuspecting students, and perfecting the art of mass-emailing on my iPhone while walking and dodging traffic.  I’m exhausted and probably going to get cancer for the amount of crap I ingested this week while on the go.  I’m also totally blissed out–I love this job.  Still, finally having a week that doesn’t start with me jolting awake and cursing like a sailor with unresolved anger management issues before I’ve even brushed my teeth will be a nice departure from the norm.


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Sweet t-shirts at this year’s NSF– you can cast yourself in your own story! Your options are Trickster, Hero, Damsel, or Villain. Erin says she’s a Hero. I think I’ll be the Villain… y’know, to build tension to enhance our creative partnership. Or because I want an excuse to push her down the stairs.


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