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So far, so good.

Big moment: my first non-NSF-related post. Evidence that I may actually have the self-discipline to maintain a blog! Sweeet.

This has been a pretty darn yuppie weekend, to say the least. I have frequented TJoe’s (and, obviduh, its wine shop) several times, in addition to visiting Whole Foods and the Chelsea Market to spend my monies. The Chelsea Market, for any interested non-New Yorkers, is a blissful bastion of foodie wonder which houses both Food Network and some fantabulous cooking and specialty stores. Yesterday, Franklin and I hosted a dinner party– which actually turned into more of a couples’ dinner party, adding to the grown-up nature of the evening. It was, scandalously, a great success. I guess I can be a proper adult, sometimes. Other evidence of yuppieness: Kandinsky exhibit yesterday and MoMA’s showing of Jonze’s Maurice Sendak documentary today. NBD, we hang out at museums. And we like it.

Also, if you aren’t excited about the fact that Where the Wild Things Are comes out on Friday, then we really can’t be friends.

Tomorrow is my first day at Interbrand, an incredibly cool global branding agency, where I’ll be working as an Associate Consultant in their Verbal Identity department. The coolness of this title even inspired me to make a meh sort-of effort to create a LinkedIn profile… we’ll see how long that lasts. How do people maintain so many profiles online? A person might have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, a blog or two. Geez. Anyhow, SO excited about Interbrand. I’m freelancing again, which is a big adventure– a lot less security, but a lot more learning and career flexibility. And the people I’m working with are hip creative-writer types, basically my fave sort. The goal is to do an awesome job and avoid staring at any of them with big I-love-you puppy eyes, at least in the first week.

Franklin and I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge today, after brunching at his cousin’s badass apartment overlooking the city and both rivers and bridges (!), and I noticed a small, spraypainted message along the path: So far, so good. Isn’t that the best concept? That’s definitely where I am in my life, right now. So far, so good. Here’s to the next step.


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