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On a sadder note, I feel that I need to commemorate the notable passing of a visible figure in my life recently.  My beloved Pimp Chalice, given to me on the occasion of my twenty-first year, met its untimely end this weekend at approximately 1:32 p.m. on October 10th in Chapel Hill, Tennessee.  Cause of death was determined to be a combination of Very Hard Tile Floor and Erin Being Shambulously Clumsy As Always.  Pimp Chalice left behind a litany of memories that were fuzzy at best but no less enjoyable at the time.  It was preceded in its journey to the Big Celestial Dumpster by its dear companion, Sippy Straw.  An intimate memorial and internment ceremony was held at the trashcans behind the conference lodge at Henry Horton State Park.

Pictured: Erin, Gabby, Pimp Chalice.  In happier times.

Pictured: Erin, Gabby, Pimp Chalice. Happier times.

Pimp on in peace, my friend.


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