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Hey everyone!

Like Emma said already, we’re spending this weekend at the National Storytelling Fesitval in idyllic Jonesborough, TN, putting those English degrees (or almost-degrees) to some use and recording the event using new media.  I’ll be working on a piece over the next few days detailing my experience as a first time attendee–what surprises, impresses, and captivates me about this weekend.  Though the Fest hasn’t officially started, I can already say definitively that I LOVE Jonesborough–walking through the quaint downtown area brought back a rush of memories from growing up in West Texas and making road trips to scattered small towns around the state with my parents, reading up on family history, visiting old cemeteries and roadside historical markers, getting lost among the stacks of old treasures in antique shops, and devouring root beer flavored rock candy and Necco wafers from nostalgic sweet shops.  And as if the romance of memory weren’t enough, it’s that really singular time of year when we’re just on the cusp of autumn–the leaves have started to change but the warmth hasn’t totally left the air.  It’s gorgeous.

The only thing more exciting to me right now than the Festival itself is the prospect of sharing it online with you guys, so stay tuned!



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