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Oh no, I knew it. I’m a neglectful blogger. This hearkens back to my youth, in which I would constantly plead for diaries (usually adorned with sparkles and/or cats). Time and time again, I would neatly and masterfully craft my first entry. I would bedazzle the cover with stickers and sign my name on its inside. Then, I would forget about it for a few days and totally lose interest– until I saw a new diary, and I would insist that I needed it. “But dad-dy,” I would whimper, with exactly that Veruca Saltish inflection, “I’m a writer. And I messed up the other one.”

Now that I’m older, this foot-stamping and hand-wringing is done over hard liquor and/or wine, but that deadly gap still exists between idea and execution, between brainstorm and follow-through. In my better moments, this makes me a good leader: I tend to think big; I have infinite (irrational) faith in my own possibilities; I delegate well. In my worse moments, this makes me a total waste of space. Sheesh, I’m going to a freakin’ NYU MFA info session tomorrow and I haven’t written a poem in weeks! I seriously need a life coach. Or Mark Jarman.

Sidenote about MJ… he’s the best professor, ever. And a ridiculously good poet. If you’re still at Vandy, bust your ass and get into one of his classes. I think that’s what’s bugging me about writing, post-college. I’ve been so used to feedback about my poetry that I was spurred to revision, rewrites, and exploration either by pride or indignation. Now, it kinda drifts off into a folder of my computer to sit sulkily for months, like a forlorn dust bunny. See, even my analogies are suffering from my laziness. That’s a terrible analogy. And it’s probably been used before, which is especially embarassing.


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